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EP Molly McKenna - Free Postage Molly is donating £1.00 from any sale of EP to NHS

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Hi I`m Molly ,this is my first Ep with 4 recorded songs which I wrote,sing and play. Find my music on Soundcloud and Spotify and see me play live on line at the moment a d soon again in The Onslow Arms Pub , Loxwood West Sussex from 3.30pm - 7.00pm on alternate Sundays on the pubs music weekends ,George & Dragon ,Shipley at Open Mic,festivals a d gigs,

 Like my Facebook Page @mollysingplaywritemusic  and View YouTube for videos `All I can think of is you` and `It`s not fair` and  'Its you'

Molly McKenna is sponsored and supported  by `Taste the Colour Ceramics` and `Firing Earth Pottery Studio`. Enjoy great music...…..  YouTube, Spotify, Instgram and soundcloud


Book Molly for music venues and festivals Contact:-

  • All I can think of is you
  • Bitter Sweet
  • It`s not fair
  • It`s You

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