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About Mandy McKenna

I love to paint & create .....
` Taste The Colour` makes Christmas & seasonal ceramic decorations,fairy figures & unique artwork
 An established Artist of over 30 years in a variety of mediums!A designer,creator and painter. From clay to watercolours.I love all the techniques & mediums ,ideas just keep coming!My ceramic pieces have been personally designed and created with a lot of attention for detail to the characters,especially my fairies and Christmas tree decorations!With a great range of colours & teqniques.My love of floral designs on ceramics or watercolour/ acrylic paints,always brings warmth to any home.With  bright colours and cheerful designs.Originally trained as a chef and in confectionary, I  ran and owned a successful Celebration Cake business for many years, creating art with food producing novelty,Wedding cake designs and sugar flowers, which I really enjoyed.My artwork as an artist and creator turned from hobby to  my career.After training in ceramics I set up a pottery painting studio, Firing Earth.My future with a paint brush or clay in hand is busy! I love and enjoy my job.I work in my studio in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex surrounded by wildlife & flowers, giving me an abundance of ideas ! My company `Taste The Colour ` is my personal artwork  letting me produce fun ceramics for all the family and al occasions. I definitely  have fairies at the bottom of my garden ,do you ? I have hanging ceramic hearts in all my apple trees, whatever the season the garden is colourful. Christmas is made, created and painted on ceramics all year .
My additional  business as Owner/director for over 11 years is my`Paint Your Own`Mobile Pottery Painting studio,FiringEarth, for all ages to enjoy painting and clay workshops .Originally started and based in Surrey moved location in 2014 and relocated to my home studio in Ifold,West Sussex,near Billingshurst and Cranleigh,giving me more time to work on my own ceramics.
I  run the pottery studio along side my own work ,so always busy now  working on new plans for 2018 with being part of Surrey Open studios in June 2018, exhibitions and fairs in a variety of locations during 2018Email  or Call Mandy on  07958 404969 to discuss any further details.I particularly specialize in baby prints and clay prints at Firing Earth.I  have worked with all ages and abilities.I hope you have enjoy my designs and my work as much as I love painting and creating.                      
Enjoy shopping and hope to see you in person at an outside event soon.
I wish to thank the following, my husband and children,family and friends for all your help and patience over the years in letting me be me ,creative all the time!
My husband for always supporting and believing in me, even threw my tears, supporting my shop in Surrey and then in 2014  building my home studio in West Sussex. Laura and Emma-Jane  for helping me building my websites and guiding me how to put it all together .Matthew and Amy for taking lots of photos for me of my products 
Thank you very much , Mandy xx